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About the Confucius & Co. Thoughts of the Chairman

'Because business books are generally so hard to read, I was searching for different writing styles when I came across The Sayings of Confucius. Confucius lived between 551-479 BC and taught the future business administrators of China's Emperors and ruling elite. As I read his sayings, I realized I was in fact reading a business book. Topics were recognizably modern business topics; and certain individuals in his text consistently spoke in particular ways and on particular themes. One sounds like a Finance Director, another like a Marketing Director and so on. It was a short step then to adapt the text to the modern business idiom yet still retain 98% of the original Confucian sayings in their English translation.

'On a final note before you begin to read, for me the real pleasure and durability of Confucius lie in the thoughts and references that spring to mind as you read his words.'
Philip R Lund


'Confucius wrote at length during his life (551-479 BC) about administration with a degree of humanity and wisdom which is still lacking in much of our thinking today. The author of this book, by skilful rearrangement and substitution of setting, enables the reader to relate Confucian wisdom to current business practice - an estimable piece of work.' Wilfred Brown – author of Exploration in Management



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